Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life in the ROK

Quite simply, life in the ROK rocks my world. Everyday there is a million new little things I discover and love. I'm convinced there is no where like Korea on Earth. I honestly can't even keep up with all the awesome. So today, some summarizing show and tell:

New experience: Techno club with Koreans!

New word: Jinjilbang - the name of a fantastic spa experience in ROK. You strip down and play in hot and cold pools with other nudies. There are also fountains, saunas and cleansing facilities. To be followed with a beer and a round of air hockey. (Canadians always win ;) )

Discovered a little bit of Paris in Seoul

Celebrated Canada Day with two of 
my favorite Americans!

And then...the beach race!

All kinds of fun happening on the beach!

Next time I want to fly too!

Canadians are the kind of crazy that dive in the ocean
fully clothed.

Four new friends...bicycle built for four...perfect!!

Hotel room view. Can I move in?

Sunday raceday was not so sunny. But still great!

New favorite Korean food: spicy tofu soup (the local specialty in dreamland Gyeongpo beach)
New favorite Korean beverage: Kin cidaaaa
New status: I'm officially an alien!

Yes, I'd say life in the ROK is treating me exceptionally well. I'm so very happy to be here.