Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Show and Tell, Part 1.

The fruits of my lovely lulu expedition yesterday:

My new running tights and running sweater!

I love that it has sneaky side pockets :) And that it matches, of course!  This outfit is courtesy of my second parents and my adoptive brother & sister and my bff. They all know me so well. 

After the shopping trip, I received MORE lulu! My awesome older sister and niece picked out this cute running skirt for me when they were in the big city the previous day! How lucky am I!

These were also a gift from my older sis and her fam! Awesome, right? With all this fab gear, I'm even more excited to get my orthotics and get outside running! I can hardly wait for February, I'm going to feel like a pro with this loot!! :)

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