Saturday, January 1, 2011

Life Lessons of 2010 & Show'n'Tell Part 2

I'm huge into resolutions. Truly. I look for opportunities to make new ones not just every new calendar year, but also every school year, every fiscal year, every get the idea. I think it's exciting, the idea of remaking your life, starting fresh, and taking aim at all your greatest goals. However, I was thinking that there is something lost in the making of resolutions and concentrating so fully on what's ahead. I think it's just as important to celebrate what came before. For me, as much as I want to do some new and different things in 2011, I want to bring certain thoughts and life skills forward from 2010 while leaving other things behind. So instead of just listing my do-overs, I'd like to take stock of some important carry-overs.

For instance, I want to carry over my four weekly runs into 2011. I want to carry over my determination to finish new distances with my own personal best times. I want to carry over my rediscovered love of blogging; I want to carry the relationships I strengthened last year. I want to carry on with p90x and I want to carry on freelancing. And maybe most importantly, I want to carry over the way I learned to be more self confident and proud of my skills last year. (A secret: I'm a little shy in person, and I'm awfully critical of myself. So being able to say "dang, I did great in 2010" is a bit of a big deal for me.)

In other wetsuit has arrived!! Truly an over-the-top amazing gift - I'm too lucky!

OMG thanks Mom!! 

Rushed this box to my home-away-from-home to bust it open and hop into it! Well, maybe not hop. I've never put one on before, so I had several helpers standing by while I shivered in my bathing suit and inexpertly inserted myself into my gift.

The verdict? I love it!! I can't wait to actually test it out! It is much much too cold for outdoor swimming in my part of the world, so it will have to wait. Although I've heard I can get an inkling of what it feels like by wearing it in the tub. All I know is, even if my race times are not elite next year, I am going to feel so pro.

And now I'm off to adhere to my New Year's resolutions - tracking my workouts and nutrition. I will do this. Oh yes.

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