Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer running -- havin' a blast!

The sun is shining. Birds are chirping. The trees have leaves and flowers are blooming. It's plus twenty outside. It's May long, and I'm in heaven.

Yesterday I raced home from a full day's work to sit in the park and run around in the grass a bit in my Vibrams until the sun set. And today, when the sun woke me by shining in on me, my first thought was to do all of that over again before work today. Cue trail running adventures, geese sightings & a hidden trail treasure topped with a good ol' Starbucks breakfast.

A geese family by the lake!

Swing by the stream!

Mid-run shoe change...

VFFs for the last k! 

I absolutely love summer. Even though I've been pretty busy over the past couple of weeks with shifts at work and preparations for next month's adventure, I'm making it a priority to escape whenever possible into the sunshine. Basically, it's against some sort of Carrie law to be inside when it is gorgeous and sunshine-y. 

Have a happy long weekend!! :)

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  1. May I just say you look awesome in those! And I have a pair of Bikilas too and love em.. lol funny enough I'm an ESL teacher myself and I'm tryin to get into photography..haha what a coinkidink! Feel free to check out my website at and have a nice day!