Thursday, December 16, 2010

By way of introduction.

Hi! I'm Carrie.

I'm a runner, triathlete-in-training, Team Diabetes fundraiser, journalism grad and Starbucks fiend.

I'm new to blogger but not to blogging. Those of you who already know me know my previous blogs Running to Reykjavik & Training for Turkey. I started writing about my running adventures last February as a way to bring friends, family & future friends into my world. What started as a way to share my passion for running and for Team Diabetes has turned into another passion! 

Turns out, I love blogging. And I love reading blogs. Which leads me to the two reasons why I am introducing myself today:

1) "Life is partly what we make it, and partly what is made by the friends whom we choose." -Tehyi Hsieh 
I'm so inspired by so many blogs, Mission to A(nother) MarathonThe Hungry Runner GirlLauren Out Loud101 Things 1001 DaysSavithri's Sweet Treats & Shut Up And Run, to name just a few. Some of these fine interwebs authors I know, some I'd just like to know. But it's the idea of a blogging community that brings me here, so perhaps our blogs can be friends.

2) When I started my Running to Reykjavik blog, I thought I would only be writing about fundraising and training adventures specific to my first Team Diabetes marathon. But when that was over, I immediately signed up for another Team D event, and a blog for my adventures getting ready for that marathon. Somewhere along the way over the past year, a little bit of life has crept into my blogs. After all, if my dream job would be a combination of my passion for writing and running, why not do that on my own time in the meantime? So I'm bringing all my writing and running adventures to one new home, where it can be nonstop running, tri-ing, fundraising, writing and living! :)

So a quick recap of my year and a little more about me:

This was my first year of racing, and I LOVE IT.  I ran my first 10k in April:

Which was so awesome I made an on-the-spot resolution to run 10 races in 2010. Which I have done, including these awesome events --

My first marathon in August:

My first triathlon in June:

My first trail race in October:

Since it was my first year of racing, I also got to make all my first PBs!

2010 Races:
Run for Retina 10k - April: 52:11
Woodstock Try-A-Tri (300m swim, 10k bike, 2.5 run) - June: 49:05 (8:28 swim, 26:19 bike, 11:03 run)
Friendly Massey/Spanish River Half-Marathon - July:  1:58:09 
Reach the Beach 5k - August: 26:21
Reykjavik Marathon - August: 4:23:52
The Chocolate Race 10k - August: 54:09
Run for the Cure 5k - October: no official results
Vulture Bait 25k Trail Race - October: 2:46:14
Niagara International Half-Marathon - October: 1:54:30
Santa Shuffle 5k - December: no official results

I also participated in the Running Room's 20 minute challenge, and an indoor try-a-tri at my old gym for fun. 

I got pretty serious about all areas of my fitness this year. In November, I started training with Tony Horton,  courtesy of his awesome p90x dvds. I also joined a triathlon team, The Fighting Koalas, to improve my swimming and biking skills so I can do a few sprint triathlons in 2011.

As for next year, I want to be better, stronger, faster, harder. I am registered for two marathons and a few other races - stay tuned for my full race schedule! I also want to be a better blogger - daily posts, lots of pictures, and ask more questions!

Starting with this one: (if you race or are a pro spectator for someone who does) what was your best race memory of 2010?
I have a ton of awesome 2010 memories, so I'm going to cheat and do two. One was in Reykjavik Iceland at the starting line. I was so overwhelmed by the whole scene - actually being in that amazing country, being surrounded by more runners than I'd ever been with before - with a good sixty of them in matching Team Diabetes Canada shirts. As I took my first strides, I had tears in my eyes, thinking about all the training I'd put behind me to get here, all the fundraising and support I was lucky enough to receive, and feeling like I was really, truly doing something that mattered for all the people I know (and the people I don't know too) with diabetes at home.
My other best moment was leaping into the water of Port Dalhousie after the Chocolate Race only a week later. It was the hottest, muggiest day I'd ever run in, but the race itself was so scenic and fun. And then, a couple hundred metres beyond the finish line...the beach! I splashed around like a kid for a good ten or fifteen before indulging in deliciousness.


  1. Thank you for the SWEET compliments. I am glad you found me because I am LOVING your blog. You are absolutely adorable and I am super impressed with all your races and Tri-athalons. Yay for new blog friends:)

  2. Awh yay! Thank YOU for the compliments too! And for the follow :) New blog friends are the awesomest!!

  3. I hope you get your compression socks...I love mine. I am glad you get to go home, that makes me happy! P.S. Intramural dodgeball sounds amazing!

  4. Your 2011 race list is uber impressive! Sounds awesome. One day when I grow up I want to attempt the Around the Bay 30k, so you'll have to let me know how it goes :)

  5. Thanks Jess! I thought I should go big or stay home ;) I'm looking forward to Around the Bay! I will definitely take lots of pics and write a full race report. Maybe see you there in 2012?
    And Hungry Runner Girl, I hope so too! And I'm so excited to see the fam - we only get to hang out in person two or three times a year so I have a big huge love for extended holiday visits :)

  6. Love that I found your blog! You're awesome...very inspirational for sure! :) I so would love to do my first tri soon! How did you like it? Hope to read more. :)

  7. Hi there! I cam across your blog looking for fellow Team Diabetes members. Congrats on your success in Reykjavik! I'm also signed up for Team D Turkey.