Friday, December 17, 2010

Baby it's...not so cold outside!

I was pretty excited about doing my 8k training run today, after being mostly housebound and waiting yesterday. But my first look outside established that it was snowing, once again. And the heaping mountain on the balcony railing has grown so I can barely see over it.

However, Peter Gabriel was pretty sure if I climbed that hill the wind would blow and time would stand still, and Timbaland wanted to keep me company (and was pretty sure that I have my own recipe), so I went. Couldn't let my iPod running support team down! And yes, I know my playlists are strange combinations of songs, but hey, it works! What music gets you moving?

I bundled up into all my cold weather gear and hit the streets. 

And to my total delight, it was warm out! About halfway through, I whipped off my toque and gloves and even unzipped my jacket. By that point, it was barely snowing anymore, and the sun had peeked out from behind the clouds for the first time in days. As if that wasn't awesome enough, several kids playing in a schoolyard came up to the fence to wave and run alongside me for a few metres. Little things like that totally make my day - especially when they involve cute wee things (in this case, kindergardeners, but puppies and kittens also do the trick) and sharing the running love.

Because it is Friday and because all awesomeness should beget other awesomeness, I stopped at the corner store after my superrun for an edible treat. Do you ever do a Friday fun snack or a post-workout reward snack? Mine was tiny balls of cinnamon & oats, plus a fruit cup. 

Kinda made me nostalgic for being wee myself, just so delicious!

Now for some fresh gym gear, and on to strength training in my sunny living room. What a fab Friday! I hope you are having one too! :)

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