Thursday, December 23, 2010

Home, home on the range.

Greetings from winter wonderland!

I'm going to head out for a photo adventure tomorrow, I think. It's really pretty here in Manitoba, although it is significantly colder and snowier.

It was quite an adventure getting home this year, starting with half a dozen gate changes at the airport before finally getting on the plane, then waiting on the plane for a couple of hours while they de-iced the plan and found a flight crew that wasn't off duty. Finally, driving through unreal ice fog. Got in after 3 am (4 ON time), so you can forgive my lack of posting yesterday, right?

Yesterday's big news, aside from packing lastsecond, I biked to the Glee Christmas episode, did some p90x, and had my first pedorthist appointment. It was actually pretty neat - I got to step in big blocks of foam that will provide molds of my feet for my inserts. But the most amazing thing of all is that my pedorthist is actually my long lost twin! Okay, well maybe not quite. But she is the first person I have ever met who was born with a dislocated hip like me. It was so very cool to be able to talk to someone about it for the first time, knowing she really understood, and even more amazing that someone who understands the way my body works so well was treating me. All in all, if I have to be injured, this is the way to do it. She was even really enthusiastic that having these inserts were going to make my running even MORE awesome. So I'm pumped - I get to pick them up on Jan. 10th.

Today I mostly just ate (scrambled eggs and fruit for supper is The Bomb), slept, visited family, finished off my holiday shopping and wrapped my gifts. Tomorrow I'm investigating a one week pass to the local Y so I can get my spin-swim-ellipting in. Didn't have a chance to do much other than stretch and walk today (and I'm still sleepy), so I'm extra excited for a terrific workout tomorrow.

Then *helping* the fam with some food prep :)

This is why I get relegated to gift-wrap duties.

Happyhappy holidays friends!!

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  1. Merry Christmas! I'm lucky this year in that I don't have to travel, I'm at home waiting for my flight crew to come's just the First Officer that I'm waiting for.