Sunday, December 26, 2010

A very Merry Christmas.

What a wonderful, whirlwind weekend!

It all started on Christmas Eve, as my wee sister and I ran to and fro getting wrapping paper and last minute gifts and enjoying the picturesque frozen trees and landscape.

And most importantly, each other's company! Then we made a present or two and wrapped up a ton of gifts before I hit the first of three Christmases.

What I always enjoy most is watching the kids unwrap their presents. I like being the auntie who brings them glee (literally - the karaoke game!) As for me, I unwrapped a photo of a wetsuit that's currently on it's way to me! Unbelievable! And we ate so much deliciousness, including a fab breakfast dish that my excellent elder sister makes every year.

After gifts and breakfast, five Simmons women piled into one kitchen to create the annual midday feast. Then everyone sat down to enjoy the fruits (and veggies and meat and stuffing) of our labours.

A few short hours later we were up at the grandparents for more unwrapping and gifts (I was lucky enough to have not one but TWO tofurkey feasts yesterday). Games are a huge tradition in my family, so we spent the rest of the night competing for top honours in a guys against girls game of catch phrase (essentially the electronic version of scattergories). Hilarity ensued. It's my favorite part of our holiday celebrations.

I hope yours has been just as fantastic. On deck for today I have some p90x cardio, and of course, more games and food. What are you doing today? Any Boxing Day traditions? 

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  1. Awwww :) You & your sister are TOO CUTE! Love the impromtu photoshoot, it's adorable!
    Glad you had a great holiday!