Sunday, December 19, 2010


Okay, I know I'm a weirdo, but I LOVE getting my sweat on. I don't just mean working out, because it's not just about feeling my heart pumping or my muscles working. I actually love to sweat. It's probably my favorite part of doing an indoor workout. Often when I run outside in winter weather, the combination of wind and layers whips and wicks away my sweat before I'm really aware of it. But inside, I get really sweaty and I think it's fantastic.

One of my absolute favorite sweaty workouts is hot yoga. When I lived in London, my friends and I would go at least once a week. I never left a mat session without a huge smile on my face, my mind zen and my body free of toxins. There's just something so relaxing yet simultaneously energizing about it. I haven't been able to get to a class since I moved, and I miss it. However, they probably don't miss me. It can get messy. Really messy. Not for the squeamish, especially those practicing beside me. I sweat buckets. Not only do I soak my towel, but I usually leave puddles on the floor, audibly drip from several places on my body onto the floor during standing postures, and occasionally, while moving, fling droplets at the mirror and other yogis.

This also happens on the treadmill, where I start raining down on the console about 3k in, and then try hard not to make any rapid, dramatic arm movements that would potentially offend and dampen other gym goers. It also happens on the bike. Ahh, the bike. I am new to indoor cycling, and I have found it a very liberating way to get super sweaty. I have set it up (centre stage) in the living room in front of the TV so I can watch fun things like Glee or old girly movies. I also have the door to the balcony on one side, plus a tall table for my water and other essentials. It's pretty much the perfect setup for a number of reasons, but best of all, I can do a little bike-dance karaoke (in short bursts, while I keep my HR at 150) and fling and drip as much as I like.

It's good times. I may eventually add a towel to this setup, because the mat underneath my bike can only absorb so much, and I hope to get even sweatier as I gain endurance and speed on the bike.

Ahh. You'll notice I am riveted. I take my musicals as seriously as I take my workouts, of course!

And a final ode to sweat: p90x is the first strength workout during which I get genuinely sweaty. 

This is my "I'm so strong" face. Don't judge. Strong is on the inside too :)


  1. Awesome!! I LOVE sweating too, reading this post made me want to go jump on my treadmill, right this second, and have 20 min sprint interval sweat-fest :D

  2. Your I'm so strong face is hilarious! Lvoe it! :) I have got to try this p90x! Where do I get it?!

  3. You are so strong! LOVE THE PICTURE!! Seriously I love sweating too. You are making me want to try hot yoga now!!

  4. It's not weird to love getting your sweat on! It's a great, great quality!
    I've heard p90x is amazing. You're tough to do it!