Saturday, December 18, 2010

Slacker Saturday.

It would help if I had cable, because then I would be joining the legions of runners and triathletes who are currently watching Kona!! I admit to a little jealousy, but I'm equally grateful to the twitterverse and interwebs for keeping me engaged in it!

Today I slept in 'til 8:30! Late for me. And partly because of the snow and partly because I was feeling pretty mellow, I spent the majority of the morning with a book. Around noon (perfectly timed to coincide with a brief appearance by the sun, I might add...two days in a row!), I set out for a 10k run. I kept to a steady pace and listened to the radio. Enjoyed the stretches of sidewalk that were miraculously slush free! Running through the slush is kinda like running through sand. It slows you down, challenges the muscles of your feet, and can be slippery! Also makes you remember not to take flat, paved surfaces for granted - always a nice reminder!

Afterwards, I decided that housecleaning and laundry could wait 'til tomorrow. Instead I did some p90x strength training, a little more reading, and discovered The Daily Mile! It's been a pretty fab day, although I do feel slightly guilty because my partner in crime had to go to the office today...guess we can't all have slackerday. How's your Saturday?

And now it's refueling time!

"I love sandwiches, I eat them all the time!" Although to be honest, this is a portobello burger in some sort of awesome grainy square bun. So tasty! But I really do love sandwiches. I ate a tofurkey sandwich everyday for nearly two years of grad school. Annnnnd rather often a pb and banana sandwich too. What's your favorite sandwich?

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