Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day One of 2011, round two.

This day one went better, I think I'll keep it.

I still haven't quite managed to unpack everything, let alone put it all away or do laundry. 

Gifts & stuff heaped on the bed. I had good intentions
before I was distracted by month 2 of p90x!

You know you're behind on life (aka blogs-reading) when you don't realize that you've WON something! That's right, I won something!! Check out the sweet towel I will be receiving courtesy of Inperspire and Stacie from Impossible is Nothing:

I absolutely love it. Thanks so much Stacie & Inperspire!

I'm nervous excited about sweating all over it. Okay, maybe a little nervous too. I absolutely love sweating, but I have a bit of a weird thing about sweating on something brand new for the first time. This led me, in previous years, to be the worst dressed person at hot yoga (think cotton t-shirt and knee-length, dudely basketball shorts in a sea of lulu microshorts and sports bras). I had lulu outfits of my own (at first, generous castoffs from a friend who bought more than she could wear, then finally my own selections) that I would start off at the gym for a weights workout.  Then they might be introduced to the bike, to outdoor running, to the treadmill, and then finally to yoga.  I chalk it up to my non-athletic background and my continued awe that such pretty things are actually made to get sweaty.  So pictures to follow as I gradually acclimatize this towel to my sweaty lifestyle!

In other breaking news, I have one potential job offer (I think - several rereads later I'm still not entirely sure what exactly an email from an employer means...I'm waiting for clarification) and one job interview - which is tomorrow bright and early! Pretty exciting stuff!

Other than that, my day was full of emails, filling out forms for fundraising, chatting with the bank (they call me with ever increasing frequency to ask if I'd like any new services - home insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, health insurance, credit protection, bank account protection, a personal security team...), eating (I did have the time to get groceries - priorities!) & doing a p90x + biking workout. How was your day?

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  1. P90x should come first!! I hate unpacking! Keep me updated on the job, I hope you get it so so bad!!