Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday is for threes!

Three quick updates for today:

1. It was a super productive day, filled with fundraising, advertising for the fundraiser of the year, and a couple of great job chats! Getting ready for my big day:

See, I swear I'm not always sweaty!

2. The return of the eggs! My favorite food - I eat my weight in liquid egg whites weekly. Delicious! I was inspired by Hungry Runner Girl's breakie picture to throw some spinach in mine today:

Shortly after this photo was taken, this was flipped,
flopped onto my plate & smothered with salsa.
My avocado hasn't ripened yet - maybe tomorrow! :)

3. I am doing my physio like a good girl...and because I am SO excited about running again SOON. It might not be beautiful, but my homemade leg "weight" works like a charm. And I am definitely appreciating the bands I was sent home with.

Fixing the hip flexor.

For leg lifts. Hey, at least I know it's exactly 1kg -
it says on the package!

Hope you had a great Thursday! I'm off to rest up for another big day tomorrow - this one involving another exciting new p90x workout and meeting a new Team Diabetes friend!

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  1. You're so resourceful! I love Janae...she always inspires me to do something. Tonight it was make chocolate chip cookies that she posted a recipe for the other day and I also did a spin class (inspired by her). She's a rock star!