Thursday, January 20, 2011

An excellent recipe.

...for running!

You will need:
-the brand-new running outfit you got for Christmas that makes you feel sexy and strong and speedy
-a pair of orthotics
-good tunes on a charged iPod (Timbaland, Glee, Rolling Stones, etc. - feel free to substitute as desired)
-a bobcat scraping the snow off of and depositing gravel on your running path
-a detour through the forest and over a pond

Mix all the above ingredients together vigorously and remove from the outdoors 15 minutes prior to snowfall. Top it off with 400 meters of striders (optional & awesome!).

Result: 7k of awesomeness!

I loved every minute of my run today. I had absolutely no pain, I managed to dress appropriately for the weather (a gift that often eludes me) and DJ shuffle chose nothing but awesome upbeat tunes for me on my run.  Happiness is the simple freedom to run.

In other news, I picked myself up a magazine to chill with on the couch between p90x, running (I also did 4k last night), fundraising and planning various around-the-world adventures.

Despite my weird face (not to mention out-of-control hair) here, I was excited by this impulse buy. I totally have a girl-crush on Olivia Wilde. And I actually love magazines: Runner's World, Triathlete, Canadian Running, Oxygen, Shape...I love them :) I know most of the content is available online, but it's easier to read a magazine on the couch while consuming peanut butter sometimes, you know?

Hope you are having an awesome week of running and happiness too! :)

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