Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My bad.

I obviously mistook this Wednesday for another day altogether. Wednesday was not wonderful at all.

I debated whether I should write an update today, in my black frame of mind. However, here I am, for better or worse.

I woke up with a headache today and looked out the window to discover a whiteout snowstorm. The trees were blowing into the side of my apartment building and pulling clumps of snow off the roof. And from the looks of the roads I could see from my windows, the street cleaning machines were waiting until after the storm to come out. Now, I'm from the prairies, so I'm not normally intimidated by a snowstorm. However, running in my new orthotics in more than a foot of snow seemed like it might not be the kind of trial my pedorthist and PT thought I should be getting today. I was disappointed, but I figured I would have another opportunity to go tomorrow after some shoveling and snow removal had occurred. After all, what's one more day after more than a month? Plus, I thought to myself, even if the streets and sidewalks are still snowy tomorrow, the access card that lets me into the pool on certain days at certain times also lets me sneak into the gym...where the treadmills live!

Problem solved and happiness restored, I decided to test my endurance on the bike. Today's workout called for a 45-55 minute bike session, but I decided to crank it up to 75, which made for my longest ride on the trainer to date. And I had a great time!

I took this photo during my warm-up to save you
from red and drippy cool-down photos. Also to save 
my phone from hitting the floor whilst taking sweaty

On my way to shower, I thought I would check my email to see if anything important (job stuff, fundraising stuff) had come in while I was offline. Unfortunately, it had. I got my first rejection letter of the day. One/two for the day. However, right when I was about to throw myself a peanut butter powered pity party, I got a call from a radio station wanting advertise my fundraising event. I got pretty excited about that and threw myself instead back into some fundraising work.

However, what the evening held in store was rejection letter number two and a serious and unpleasant talk with my BFF.

As much as I love getting to concentrate on my training, I've been struggling with a lot these past two months. A huge heartbreak, the big move, not running and approximately 90 job applications later, my eternal optimism is definitely being tested. 


  1. Oh, Carrie, I'm sorry things are so tough right now. Job-hunting AND dealing with injury is such a double-whammy. :( Cheers to things looking up soon.

  2. that is a bummer about the rejection letter - I guess the only thing you can do it to keep trying to look forward. Continuing to work out is a good way to keep your mind occupied, good luck!