Friday, February 11, 2011

Five Things Friday!

I'm making up my own rules today :)

1. The accelerade is always over too fast. It's just so tasty - it's fruit punch flavor! Perhaps I should whip up two bottles for every workout. Then I'd have a workout nerd's version of what's it called? Double fisting?

2. I start my workouts with my hair neatly tucked away into a ponytail and secured out of my face by a headband. And yet, every workout, it simply explodes out of my restraining devices. My hair: rebelling without a cause since 1985.

3. Today I've eaten 5 fruit to go's and 5 cheese slices. Earlier this week on twitter I explained how to make grilled cheese and cheesy eggs - which are two of my favorite dinners. I'm actually a five-year-old, trapped in the body of an adult.

4. I am learning Mandarin! My favorite things to say so far are fruit juice and newspaper. I was also delighted to learn the phrase for running in my very first lesson! Running is universally understood to be an imperative to communication, I love it.

5. I have spent more than a full working day poring over this website and making wishes related to getting to do this. Prettyplease I have a week-long break this summer? SO awesome, I NEED to do this.

Have a terrific weekend - you deserve it!!


  1. Your Great Wall run sounds epic !!

  2. good luck with learning Mandarin! and hopefuly you get that volunteer job in Thailand! And I like your 5 things Friday title, haha Seems like a lot of blogs have catchy titles for the different days:
    Wordless Wednesday
    3 things Thursday

    5 things Friday fits in fine!

  3. Haha! My hair likes to do the same thing! ;)

    Yay for learning Mandarin! What area of China are you in? I spent my teen years in Wuhan and LOVED it! :)

  4. Mandarin! That mist be TOUGH! I study japanese and I looooooove it! :) But it's my forth language, so you can imagine how things get mixed up inside my little brain lol