Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What the hell

Considering I'm not an Avril fan usually, it's a strange anthem/earworm for me. It's upbeat pop, which always gets me in the mood for running or other adventures. And what the hell, it works for me right now :)

I'm feeling really fabulous because:
a) I just had an awesome p90x workout, during which I did clap pushups until failure twice (love that, makes me grin every time)!
b) I am going to have friends in China in April!
c) I have a new fish friend who is doing a great job of cleaning the tank (I'd show you, but he's napping hidden under the water heater).
d) Earlier today I finished part two of my course and wrote the online exam. I am done, and China is becoming more and more real!
e) All of the above!

What a great day. Now I'm off to beat the bank in round two! Hope your day is just as happy!


  1. haha I heard this song on the radio, and I was oddly drawn in a well! I've always like pop music and was a fan of her back in like 2003, so her new song does sound pretty similar to how she used to sound in 2003 =) I just can't turn away, haha

  2. Girl, you are gorgeous!! Yay for p90x....that kicks my trash! Yay for friends in China with you (can I come visit you too?) Great job finishing the exam. I want to bring you a chocolate chip cookie right now!!! That Pink music video is AMAZING!! have a great day and keep smiling that gorgeous smile you have!

  3. omg ROCK OUT to p90x!! i tried doing it too and DIED hah but its such a great work out :) You're so pretty and I love this blog/post! def going to follow you girl! keep up that smile!