Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reality shows

Reality shows up in my life, that is.

My funemployment is coming to an end. Thank goodness. Although I've spent the past three weeks being thrilled about my upcoming adventures in China, I've still been suffering from an acute case of Newton's first law. That's right, not from money worries or stress as much as a lack of inertia. My self, having been at rest so long, was simply continuing to cruise along at a restful pace of blog-reading and living on my own schedule.

Now things are finally ramping up because everything has gotten a little bit more real - I'm ready to get my plane ticket. I've been in and out of the big city, getting my visa, and in and out of the small city, setting up my final appointment with the sports doc; buying supplies (apparently it's always good to stock up on some things you and I take for deodorant...when traveling to the Far East). I'm almost totally packed. Plus I've been doing some general cleaning house type of things, and you never know how unbelievably many of those there are until you are about to up and move your life halfway across the globe.

Exhibit A: Three years worth of bank statements & such = 
one giant garbage bag of shredding.

Of course, no week is complete without p90x. And chaotic hair.

I also discovered an amazing bumper sticker in the parking lot yesterday that I think you will appreciate.


When I haven't been working out, running around all over Ontario getting ready for my trip or refueling with egg sandwiches, I've been reading The Count of Monte Cristo. And I love it! I find it very hard to put down. I'm pretty excited about it because it's the first French fiction I've ever read. And I love epics. Without exception, all of my favorite novels are epics. And this is definitely an epic; it's keeping me well entertained.

Hope you're having a wonderful week! :)

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  1. good luck with all the trip preparations!

    that bumper sticker is hilarious! haha