Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vanishing Act - The Dress Rehearsal.

If you're wondering where I've been for the past week or so, you are definitely not alone. Truth is, I've been so busy getting ready for my big move catching up on all my emails and bloggy biz hasn't been on the top of my priority list. Of course, it's also in part because of Family Day (it's an Ontario/Canada thing), which I did in fact spend with a bunch of family members in multiple places. It is always really good to see loved ones, and it was especially nice to spend time with people I don't see often normally...and will see a lot less of this year! Lots of good quality time over the weekend and more to come over the next day or two. Lucky me :)

Anyways, it's sort of my dress rehearsal disappearance, because I have been reading up about internet access in China. You know how when you read about rules in other countries, and you might have thoughts/opinions/feelings about those rules, but they are so far removed from your own life? Well in this case, something kinda big is going to practically affect my life. Facebook, twitter and blogger are frequently blocked sites over there. And while I should still be able to blog (by email - don't worry, I set this up already!), I will have to get used to turning the social media in my life down. Or off. It's a little wild, but I plan to survive by doing a lot more in the real world! Oh, and email.... :)

So, my big news is that I now have my flight tickets. So it's official: I will fly away on Thursday morning. Yup, that would be tomorrow! In less than 24 hours, in fact.

So I really need to pack my giant suitcase!

It was the biggest possible option, because I am trying to put a bed (blanket and pillow!), towels, protein and accelerade in there. And gym stuff, of course!

A smattering of other updates:

1) I had a fantastic time at the Y, as I always do when I'm there. I did several rounds of p90x (the most recent of which was legs...and today my butt hurts A LOT). I also had a bike ride and two great runs - including a ten-miler, which I ran at a slower pace in 80 minutes. I have to say I love the treadmill because I know so much more about my run - like my pace! So I know that I am actually slowing down for my longest run on the treadmill, whereas outside I always go by feel, and I'm pretty sure that's always about the same pace, whether I pretend that's the case or not. But! Best news of all, I found the one treadmill with NO time limit! :D Oh, how I loved that machine. If I'd brought my iPhone upstairs, there totally would have been a picture of me showering my love on it. How lovely it is to run as long as you want. Also lovely: NO knee pain. Long run + happy knee + tunes = bliss.

Happy post p90x + 6k!

Happy again post long run and shower!

2) The people I know rock. I have had so much support and help with my China prep these past couple of weeks, it's unbelievable. Mom got me the awesome big suitcase and some of my favorite treats to take along (vitamin c's and cinnamon hearts!); Dad provided some tunes and the means for a visit; Em provided her room, yeggs (yay eggs!), Starbucks and driving over bumps really fast adventures; Mike looked up international triathlons with me and we chatted tri stuff for hours; Rudi has provided me with rides everywhere and helped me get the tickets (not to mention the course itself!): the Strahls took me out for some fine dining and drove through a whiteout 90k/hr wind blizzard for me; and Jil candled my ears, was hostess for fun times and made deliciousness:

Lots of family day celebrations - or Louis Riel Day, as it is known in MB.

Despite what it might look like above, 
I spent very little time in my pjs this weekend!
There was too much gym and rum to be had.

3) Some things I'm loving right now: 
My custom chocolate bars that just arrived after they were ordered for me at Christmas (pics and ingredients to come)!
New music - World is China, Adele (thanks to the Brit Awards, which I caught on the Y cardio tv), LMFAO, Radiohead, P!nk, Robyn, Justin Bieber (I might be a little late, but I have caught the fever) & revisiting old tunes - Basshunter, K'naan, Death from Above 1979 - and that's just a sampling! :)
The surprise luggage lock that was hidden in my luggage!
The idea of being in a subtropical climate before the week is over!

4) I had an appointment with my sports doc today yesterday to find out how my knee is doing. However, I'd just gotten home and I hadn't had time to shave in a while. Okay, maybe a long while. So I put on my knee-high compression socks before my appointment, thinking that when she pulled up my sweatpants to look at my knee, she would see it and only it.

That did not go exactly as planned. Not only did she pull down my sock when she had me lying, helpless, on my back - but there was a medical student doing observations with her. For a dreadful couple of seconds, she actually paused in the middle of a sentence she was saying to the student, and we made eye contact. I said "I was really hoping you wouldn't do that...." There was some awkward laughter and the examination proceeded. The news, other than my leg hair, is that I still have PFS, but that it's slowly getting better. I'm still allowed to run (YAY!) but I should do more miles on the treadmill where I'm not feeling as much pain. I'm also supposed to continue strengthening my leg. So overall, pretty positive. (And I came straight home to have remedy the hairy situation).

That's about all for now, because I still have to pack and run around doing errands today. Wish me luck, and I hope you have a great day!!


  1. AHHHHH YOU ARE REALLY LEAVING!!! You better update your blog all of the time, I don't know what I would do without you!!! Girl, you are so so pretty. The peeps in your life do ROCK!!! I want custom chocolate bars:) Great workouts and enjoy your adventure!!!

  2. Love your blog, so I hope you keep it up during your travels!!!