Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day.

I feel like I am betraying my Manitoba roots, but I stayed inside today to avoid 30 centimeters of snow and blowing winds. I will argue, if anyone asks, that Ontario has not made me soft, it has made me appreciate a good snow day.

Which I definitely did. Spent the day reading (started and finished Secret Daughter), playing Mario, having a small chocolate indulgence (Mini Eggs!)...oh, and writing a test for the government.

I also did this:

Which is of course, a work in progress. I'm excited just looking at maps!! I do this everyday with a giant map on my wall - this being staring for hours, sticking up post-its on places I want to go and different colored ones on places I've been. So I made this digital version, which neatly encompasses my list of destination marathons and National Geographic's top destinations. I would of course check out the grey areas too.  They are just places where I don't know anyone or I don't know much about. But I'm always open to recommendations....

Today was a day off for me. I was hoping to get outside for a run, but the storm made me long desperately for a home treadmill. Or at the very least, a gym membership. Going back to the above, I swear I haven't gone soft. This is actually the first winter I've done any outside running, and I'm pretty proud of getting out there on the cold, snowy days - despite the fact that I don't have Yaktrax (though I wish I did) and though I don't have a running pack for encouragement (though I wish I did) or appropriate -20 running gear (is there such a thing?) Yes, I want to run the Antarctica Marathon one day. But until I'm officially registered, I think I'll be preferring the treadmill during the worst of Canadian winters.

Did you have a snow day? What's your favorite thing to do with a day off?

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