Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reverse brick, reading blogs and rambling.

I think I am almost caught up on my Canadian life. I have unpacked, put things into drawers and closets and responded to most of my messages. I've also been napping to catch up on my sleep but today I'm feeling pretty in sync with the sun - hooray!

Yesterday I had a terrific reverse brick workout. I ran 7k outside (and what an excellent day for it) then hopped on the bike when I got home for about 45 minutes. Super good times! I felt fantastic throughout my workout and really energized afterwards. In fact, I credit cardio for setting my schedule more or less back on track. I had a bit of a headache later on though. Does this ever happen to you post-cardio? For me it usually seems to be related to not drinking enough water before my run.

Now that my China adventure is over, things are pretty quiet right now. Chores, job applications, reading (my book and your blogs) and running/planning runs. Speaking of which, I may have a date with a new running buddy this week! And a few coffee dates too - including one with a marathoning/fundraising lady I am super inspired by! Lots of good stuff to look forward to.


In my readings over the past couple of days, I've seen a lot of stuff in the mainstream media about destination running events. I think it was last weekend that the whole life section of The Globe and Mail was devoted to running and travel races. Then yesterday I saw this on twitter. I cannot even explain how much I love how this fabulousness is getting the exposure it deserves! Don't get me wrong, running around your neighborhood is also awesome, but for me personally (and I suspect for many other people), getting to run and travel at the same time is a dream come true. Getting to explore somewhere new while also challenging yourself physically and mentally - does it even get any better than that? I don't think so. Of course, I might be biased, because as many of you know, my first marathon was in Iceland. But it was truly one of the most glorious experiences of my life - and one that I knew I wanted to do again and again!

My next destination event is Big Sur in May - which Bart Yasso says is a must do, so I'm doing it ;) About five years ago I drove all the way down the Pacific coast from Vancouver to LA with my family. So I've briefly glimpsed the beauty of the area, and I am SO excited to experience it on foot. Have you done any destination running? In addition to heading back to China one day for the Great Wall Marathon, I'd also love to do these awesome destination marathons someday: Petra, Everest, Antarctica, Big5 or Safaricom in Africa, Athens, Easter Island, Moscow, Dublin, Queensland and Rio. Wanna join me on one? :) Cruise to Run is also pretty neat.  I dream of running races across Canada too. I've traveled from Vancouver to Montreal, but I haven't seen the East Coast or far North yet, and I think racing would be the absolute best way to do it!

Hope you're having an excellent week so far, folks!


  1. Bummer on the post workout headache, it seems to happen to me after soccer if I don't think enough water, I think it's just your body being dehydrated, haha

    I still need to read your prior blog post about China, it was a long one. That is great that you're going to do Big Sur, that area is gorgeous, you will love the marathon!

  2. I love destination races! 26.2 miles is a great way to tour a city, and it justifies a week of traveling around a new place :)