Saturday, March 26, 2011

Secret-sharing Saturday.

Good morning! I haven't got my run on yet today, although I have a short one-miler planned. I'm getting pretty excited about the race tomorrow and hoping that this snow-melting sunshine continues!

Since I don't have any training related updates for you today, and because I've spent a fun morning organizing the files on my computer, I thought I'd share with you some secrets. Secret photos, actually, and secret because they're so bad. Brace yourselves....these are from before I was a blogger.

I'm the one with the spiky hair and mesh shirt. 
I thought I was a very fashionable 12-year-old.

This may be the one surviving photo of my teenage years.
I'm the goth chick on the left.

My favorite fishy face. Absinthe fairy at a second year
uni party.

About to eat a muffin the size of my head
on my first trip abroad in fourth year uni.

So happy to be exploring my new city
the summer I started grad school.

Shockingly back to a full head of blonde
after more than 10 years at 24.

Sisters. Two years ago. We are celebrating Em's grad and I am 
extremely hangry and eager for food, hence the crazy face.

Enough nostalgia and wacky photos for now. Hope you have a fabulous day! :)

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  1. great photos! always fun to look at pics of the past!