Friday, March 25, 2011

Back to Awesome.

Today I got up early, had a bowl of cereal (my fave!) and went for a 9k run. Ahhh. It was bright and sunny, and actually, the prescription for happiness. My schedule's been so whimsical and out of whack lately that it was great not only to run early, but to scratch off half the items from my to-do list before noon. After boosting my endorphin and vitamin D levels, I got back to my full time job of looking for a full-time job. I've been really concentrating on revamping my resume and writing the perfect cover letter template and had some awesome successes with that. Plus, with the help of my two fabulous, dedicated, part-time job-searching assistants, found some opportunities that I'm really enthused about.

Over my 'lunch break', I wrote a cathartic email to my would-have-been employers and got that out of my system. Ready to move on.

And for today's post, I thought I'd make it a special edition. Let's call it Freaky Friday - or The One Where Carrie Becomes A Zombie.

What am I doing, you ask? And why is my face so shiny?

Because I'm ZOMBIFYING!!

I was actually being a huge girl yesterday and did a purifying cucumber-green tea face mask. As much as it was actually really nice and made my skin glow after, I couldn't resist taking a picture of the hilarity of taking it off. Sorry if you are scared.

But I'm thinking I may revisit this great look come Halloween. Although, it was very appropriate this week because I beat the iPad game Plants vs. Zombies for the second time. So fun.

Anyways, now I'm sipping water and I have nice, pure skin. I sure hope my laptop screen appreciates that ;)


PS. I wanted to thank you all for your advice re. my water-belt. I am thinking I'll just leave it at home for the race this weekend, because there will be water stations along the course. For future long runs, I think I'll start with the body glide & bodily adjustment plan. However, I would ultimately like to get a little camelbackpack for my camelbak bladder, because I think having more water and having it more readily accessible will be great for when I'm training for the ULTRA (so soon!).

Have a super fab weekend y'all!! :)

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