Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Here's how I measure it:

In steps. I have a towel from Stacie at Impossible Is Nothing & Inperspire that reads "a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." I don't measure every step I take, in fact I'm chronically bad at updating my dailymile. But I know that every single time I run, I'm getting closer to tangible goals (the next race, an ultra, an ironman!) and intangible ones too (being the strongest, happiest and healthiest triathlawesomer I can be).

In smiles. Today, the sun came out after a full day of rain. I was sitting by the window, and my instant reaction was to shed what I was wearing at the time in favor of my running gear, laundry be damned. Then when I got outside, I thought 'what the hell' and just started givin' 'er. Full-on sprinting for nearly 4k. No warm-up, no easing back, no orthotics, no breaks - I followed exactly none of the rules I've heard over the past 6 months. And it didn't hurt. Not even a little. Cue utter,  unadulterated joy!

Okay, so this was last October.
But I was definitely grinning ear to ear like that today!

Yes I am wearing the same outfit as yesterday.
Quick importance calculation: Running in the sun > laundry.

In hard evidence. Sometimes that means making a PR. Right now it means being taken seriously by doctors. It means getting a dozen x-rays and a second opinion instead of being handed an ice pack and told to rest. I won't know what the x-rays say until I get back next early next week, but the fact that there are now pictures is a huge step forward to me.

In sweat & endorphins. Feel awesome after a run? You're doing it right. 

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