Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fun on the floodplain

If you haven't tuned into any Canadian news in the past month, you might not be aware of all the flooding in rural Manitoba. This flooding happens to be largely taking place in my hometown, Brandon. Although the Assiniboine River typically floods in the spring, this year's flood has been record breaking. More than $20 million dollars has been spent in the province on emergency measures and a project to divert water away from urban areas and into Lake Manitoba. And with record May rainfalls, the river may crest again. It is estimated that it will take years for infrastructure near the river to recover.

Both major access roads into the city 
had reduced lanes and speed limits.

Sandbags were 2 metres high and reinforced with 
concrete dividers.

Riverside parks have been transformed 
into lakes.

The road was also washed out in a 
couple of places.

Another floodwater lake west of the city.

Thankfully, my city was prepared. Volunteers gathered in droves to help sandbag the major access roads near the rivers, and businesses and homes were evacuated. By the time I visited, the water level was down from its high point and many stores were back to business as usual. Also thankfully, all of my peeps live far enough away from the river that they were unharmed and their homes unscathed.

So aside from a little hometown flood tourism, I stuck to my original plan of runs & zumba in the morning, fun in the sun in the afternoon and games in the evening. It was a whirlwind, 56 hour trip -- but it was perfect. Amazing times with my favorite folks, and it was so nice to see everyone before my big overseas adventures!! Going home is truly one of the greatest things.

So happy (and sweaty)!

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  1. Wow, that's some serious flooding! Glad you had a good trip! :)