Saturday, June 11, 2011


So far, I am loving Seoul.

In no particular order of awesomeness:
1) Internet-enabled! Yay!
2) Running on a bridge over the river. Holy boats and birds, batman!
3) Street fruit for cheap. Love the mini bananas of which I purchased about 20, so they really just keep giving.
4) Awesome teachers coming over for a visit right when I arrived. It was so welcoming! And so nice to finally meet some of them in person!
5) Excellent apartment on the 15th floor. View of the river. Flowers wallpaper. Brand new bed. (Pix to follow).
6) Running friends! In Canada, I always felt a certain kinship with other runners. So during my run through the park when I spotted a team of Korean men wearing white and blue singlets, I waved! I was richly rewarded by realizing that other runners feel the same way I do. Waving transformed into the whole lot of us clapping and cheering for one another, simply for being runners :)
7) Baby pigeon and watchful mom in a nest in a window on my floor.
8) Korean ad copy - of course my 'home scissors' will lead to happiness and a good life!
9) Friendly people - aside from the teachers and runners, randoms have been great too. One man wanted to practice his English with me (he wanted to know if I was from Toronto, Canada). And one lovely old lady took my hand and said I was beautiful. What's not to love?
10) Surprise payday advance from the school!
11) Sparkling apple juice. Full of win.
12) Tiny dogs. So many people have them, and don't mind me petting them either.
13) Barely scratching the surface. All this considering I just arrived here 36 hours ago, and have spent a significant amount of that time sleeping. Awesome!

Enough words, you want photos! Here are a few:

Brand new bed!

My beautiful my 
exploding suitcase.

Kitchen, complete with tea kettle.


Room with a view! The river is between the buildings
and the mountains.

Happiness always indeed :)

Awesome astroturf fitness path! Complete
with weight training machines to the side!

Momma pigeon checks me out while I check out her 
baby bird.

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