Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So much winning.

Public service announcement: that may be the new blog title in the future. That, or I heart Seoul.

I would have to have a camera with me 24-7 of everyday to capture the sheer volume of little awesome things. I just can't even do it justice.

Here's a little more listology for you today:

I love love LOVED how helpful one of the local grocery store workers was. She offered me a sample of tofu, then after placing a brick of that in my basket, helped me find the appropriate beans and sauce to accompany it - all without speaking. Then I love love LOVED how the lady behind me in line helped me carry it all home. We each took a handle of my bag. (This particular combination made me slightly hysterical, because I wasn't sure whether to laugh out of joy or cry for the kindness).

Actually, maybe the new blog title will be incomparable. It's the kindness, the adventure, even the marketing! The marketing over here has me, it really does. Where else can you buy so very many things that promise you happiness and joy and a long life?

My deliciousness metre has been filled. Check it out:

Mmmm. Oh yeah.

And now I can not only be clean, but
pearl shining as well!

Have we discussed red bean bread? I discovered this delicacy whilst in China. Insta-obsession. I have already found and devoured a few red bean items since my arrival, so I decided to bust out and buy a small package to have on hand. Or to eat this evening, we shall see....

So good!!

School, by the way, is going great! I'm teaching now, which was a little scary at first but I think is something that will get easier and better with time :)

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