Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good things start with s and the BQ dream.

Like, for instance, Saturdays!

Yay, weekend!

Sushi (all you can eat!) - especially seaweed rolls. And soybeans (edamame). And a sweet supper date!

And my weekly Starbucks...

I had my favorite after-run treat after yoga instead today.
This picture expresses my cinnamon dolce latte adoration appropriately 
while making me miss my summer runs in London LOTS.

Sister messages. A good sleep. Are you seeing this pattern too?

Also, swimming! Wait, wait...that's tomorrow.

Or perhaps sweaty hair?

Okay, definitely not sweaty hair. Or stinky lulus. ;)

Today I did an editing test, did p90x yoga, some cleaning and life organization and enjoyed two of my favorite treat foods. Saw a bunch of runners out today, and gazed longly at them out of the passenger seat window. I am starting to get impatient now. I have tried extra hard to be good at not running, but it's such extra good glue for a great schedule, not to mention the awesomeness of rundorphins. Orthotics Monday, then physio Tuesday. One week of wearing them around my day-to-day life, then *prettypleaseihope* an okay go for running?

I am especially antsy today after yesterday's conversation with my newest Team Diabetes friend - a run clinic leader who thinks it is totally within my ability to not only break 4 hours in the marathon this year - but even BQ!! I have kept the fact that I, finisher of a total of one marathon, aspire to run the legendary and elite race, pretty close to my chest up until this point. I heard echos of laughing voices in my head, questioning my sanity for believing wholeheartedly in my ability to knock over half an hour off my time in a year...visions of my victorious mounting of heartbreak hill dancing in my head as I sit immobile on my couch, alternating icing my knee and stretching my hip.

But seriously, I think it's pretty easy for a runner who's been freshly bitten by the marathon bug to dream of wearing the Boston jacket, just as the triathlete dreams of getting the iconic Ironman tattoo (I dream of both, because when it comes to dreaming for me, I go big or go home). Yes, I would love to BQ. But what's even more important to me is getting to run in the coolest places in the world. For me, it's all about the experience - last year I truly began to live for my training. And I loved knowing I was making a difference by fundraising. And at the end of it all, the trip of a lifetime in Iceland! What more could a girl really ask for? Well, maybe one day, in the next two years or so, a BQ. But that'll just be like the sugar sprinkles on my cinnamon dolce latte - delicious, but just the topping on an already wonderful addiction.

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