Monday, January 10, 2011

Manic Monday

Today's post inspired by Amanda's excellent suggestions for blog titles featuring alliteration!

And the past 24 hours have indeed been crazy! Yesterday was full of running around doing everything from the mundane (getting the tag off one of my lovely lulu gifts so that I can - eventually - run without looking like a petty criminal) to the crucially important (getting money back from some driving lessons I was unfortunately unable to attend after my big move, and working hard for potential money in job apps). Yesterday continued the awesome "s" trend I explained on Saturday - Sunday was a second-Starbucks day, for one thing! I am trying to reduce the number of times I go to Starbucks to once a week, but when you're flying around and run out of car apples & carrots, it doesn't count, right?

(What's funny is that I've realized that you might picture me as a coffee fiend - to the point of maybe needing a caffeine IV. Actually, I'm the opposite - I can barely tolerate a normal tall sized drink without getting jittery, and a grande makes my blood feel like it's boiling and has the potential to keep me awake for 24 hours. My addictions at Starbucks are the following: #1 - spinach feta wraps.

I sincerely hope you live in a part of the world where your Sbux offers warm food. These are seriously so delicious they should come with a warning about becoming addicted and having to claim bankruptcy after eating them every day. The Eggs Florentine is a close runner-up. #2 - chocolate smoothies - protein, banana and chocolate, oh my! #3 - decaf skinny cinnamon dolce latte. #4 - nonfat, no-whip, extra chocolate curls raspberry mocha frappuchino - although this is typically reserved for birthdays or after-races because it so excellently extravagant. Anyways, long, rambling, unpaid advertorial over.)

Back to tales of yesterday. My highlight of the day was getting to go to the gym! I haven't been going to the gym since I moved to Waterloo. I got to take advantage of the Y in my hometown over the holidays, and it inspired me to go in for the day to do my legs and back workout. I have weights and bands at home, but what I do not have is my own pulldown machine (True story: while I do have a pull-up bar - it fits in exactly zero of the doorways in my apartment, unfortunately.). So I took full advantage of the machine, some heavier weights and a bench. Oh, and the mirrors! I got to really check out my form while doing squats and lunges, which was really helpful for my different hips. Between all the legs and back stuff and ab ripping, I spent a good two and a half hours there.

Today's news headline: I got my orthotics!!

So this is what they look like! Basically just replacement shoe inserts that are customized for my feet. I'm really not sure why - ignorance, perhaps? - I was picturing something bigger and bulkier, sort of like leg braces for my feet with lots of straps, maybe, and moving parts. I like that these can just be slipped out of my runners and into my crosstrainers (aka my old runners) or winter boots. 

I also got to take home these:

Should I put my weird feet molds on display? They are pretty pricey ceramics, after all. I'm not sure what the blue biz is - ceramic toe jam? The biological kind of mold?

Immediately after my orthotics appointment, I hit the pool for a swim session with Koach. I made it to the pool a little ahead of schedule, so I hit the observation deck to see if I could learn from observing the pro university team swimmers. What I saw instead:

Hello long course swimming for the first time in my life! I definitely did a double take. I noticed I was breathing about as hard as I do in the water just standing on deck. So I reminded myself that I swam a continuous three hundred metres - in open water, no less! - only six months ago. Fifty was going to be no big deal. My mind right, I went downstairs, changed in the showers due to the crazy overcrowding of the tiny change room, and hopped in. Had a great workout with lots of drills - although none of which included flippers, so I am feeling especially delighted about my long course skills. Like the last time I swam with Koach right before Christmas, my pace was reaaaally slow - but I find that helps me with endurance and heart rate. When I first started, some of my team members actually commented on my speed, which delighted me despite the fact that I felt like my heart was going to hammer up and out of my mouth at any moment.  I'm slowly learning the fine art of pacing myself, in and out of the pool. Just like running is not synonymous with sprinting, swimming should not be short form for "how to get your heart rate over 200 in 30 seconds or less". Needless to say, feels a lot better, even if the pros in the lane beside me repeatedly lap me.

Approximately 75 minutes later, I was ravenous and had narrowly missed my bus, so I got a chocolate smoothie and some change from, you guessed it, the Starbucks conveniently located across from the pool.

I got home for a date with the plumber who was fixing not one, not two, but all three water fixtures in the bathroom. He was a happy, chatty fellow who wanted to tell me all about what he was doing, the result of which I now feel like I could explain, with a reasonable amount of accuracy, why air in your pipes is a bad thing. And the more tangible result of which is that the toilet flushes without me needing to stick my hand into the tank and the bathtub drains in a minute instead of 30. Hooray!

After all that, I found that I had a ton of email to read and reply to. The most noteworthy message was a note from a potential employer inviting me in for a chat. I would be pretty pumped, but this is the same employer I've been in contact with for a couple of months now, and I'm still not sure if they want to give me the job or if they want to interview me again. Of course, either would be good news! I am just so eager to know already. I know it's patience and not impatience that's the virtue...but shouldn't enthusiasm be on the virtuous list too?

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