Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wicked weekend.

I've been having a fabulous weekend. I'd love to show you some pictures of the fun I've been having, but apparently I only bust out the iPhone camera in my bathroom to take sweaty photos of myself (bloggy friend Tatiana posted a link about why that might not be the best plan ever...but until they invent a TriPod, they'll have to do).

The most fun: meeting up with friends for food two days in a row! Got together with some friends who happened to be in town on a skiing trip for one friend's birthday and had an awesome catch-up session. Plus I ate parmesan-encrusted eggplant, which was delicious and a dramatic change from my taking-the-shredded-wheat-out-of-the-box-and-dipping-them-in-the-pb-jar eating habits. Then today, Thai and lots of laughter with two more fab friends. Excellent fun.

Super fun: yoga with the BFF in the middle of the night. Hilarity with headbands and new poses including the farting frog. (There were pictures. I have sworn not to post them or face serious consequences).

Fun: p90x kicking my butt - really. Adding plyo to an already grueling lower body workout guarantees you'll be feeling it days later. I hung out in a wall squat until my legs turned to jelly and dumped me on the kitchen floor.
Yes, I took a photo that did not involve my bathroom mirror.
Impressed? I'm really mixing it up!

Also fun: Skyping with awesome younger sister. A book called The Passage that my awesome older sister lent me. Starbucks breakfasts. Selling tickets (yes, plural!) to next week's fundraising dinner. Making plans to see friends and go to a potentially life changing seminar in the city. Loads of laundry. Playing with the shredder. Good times.

Hope your weekend was just as fabulous! You should tell me about it :)

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  1. haha wall squats are brutal, I still remember doing those all the time in soccer when I was younger, they are killer!