Thursday, March 24, 2011

An index of professionalism.

(With apologies in advance for a non-running, non-smiling rant post)

Is it professional for an organization to contact someone they'd like to hire, offering them a position for two months down the road, then not respond to this person's email or phone queries for six weeks?

Is it professional for said organization, upon finally re-establishing contact, to tell the person they'd like to hire that the position they just offered that person actually hasn't been created yet, and that the person in question is going to have to go through the process of reapplying for a position they've already been offered?

Is it professional for said organization to be so delinquent in returning communications, after the person has applied and continued to correspond with the organization, that it takes a further month to set up a meeting?

Is it professional of said organization to then offer the person they want to hire a verbal contract, further adding that they will be in touch within the day to confirm salary and within the next two weeks to confirm contract details, and then never be in touch with any of those details?

Finally, is it professional for an organization, after stringing someone along for almost an entire calendar year, to then inform them that they've decided they don't have enough money to fund the position after all, so too bad, that's it? And is it professional that the only way the person that they said they wanted to hire had to call, email and everything short of hiring a PI to eventually extract this information?

The answer is no. It is not professional at all. But I suppose I should have known better when these supposed communicators/professionals were completely incapable of responding to an email or providing some semblance of a timeline. Words can scarcely contain my thoughts and feelings of the moment on this particular department in a particular establishment in Toronto.

Why am I so angry? Firstly, at the principle of the thing. Secondly, because I couldn't turn down the idea of a better life, so yep, it's partly my fault too for holding on so tightly to the thin thread of hope they'd unspooled just for me for the game of cutting it off in the end. Apparently that's a game I really love. Hopefully soon I get good at it.

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