Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A big bike ride.

Today I spent almost 2 hours on my trainer. I was pretty excited about this too, because it marks another first for me. The longest outdoor ride I've ever done was about an hour and a half. Indoors? An hour on the trainer alone, although I have done 75 minute spin class. Oh the good old days, when I had a free gym membership! ;) But wait, I digress, today was a great day with a great bike ride.

Cycling in the sun!

I had my new towel ready to mop up a small 
portion of the sweat.

Adding media for extra fun.

Setting up my laptop beside the bike was a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself. Not only did I watch some of my favorite youtube videos, but I also watched an episode of Buffy! What a good blend of heart-pumping and nerdy fun for a Tuesday afternoon.

My day was later completed by this delicious blast from the past:

It's a slurpee!

If you didn't know, Manitoba is the slurpee capital of the world. I'm just representing :)

Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. Nice ride! Setting up with the computer right in front of me is the only way I can get through any length trainer ride!