Thursday, March 17, 2011

Breaking the Rules

I was totally inspired by Shut Up and Run's living outside the law post. So here's my tribute.

10 ways I break the rules:

1. I cannot remember the last time I cooked, peeled, or prepared anything. My idea of a snack: apples, cheese slices, a red pepper. My idea of a meal: liquid eggs, salad out of a bag, frozen veg, prepared fake chick'n breasts that cook in the microwave, protein bars or a bowl of cereal. My idea of eating out: Starbucks or Quiznos. It seems like a very long time ago that I was used to pretend I was Ms Domestic and use recipes.
2. I'm religious about teeth brushing, I floss sometimes, but the last time I used mouthwash was in elementary school. I don't think I know how.
3. The new apartment (which really can't even be called new anymore) has never been vacuumed. I don't even own a vacuum. I've had to abandon the five second rule.
4. I am not following my current marathon training plan. Why? Because in the general state of up-in-the-airness of my life these days, I forgot to change it back from when I changed it to suit a May 21 marathon instead of the May 1 marathon I'm actually doing. How have I broken the plan? I was sorta behind on my training, and tried to catch up with two long runs in a week. Somewhere along the way I got confused.
5. I think avoidance is a totally reasonable tactic for dealing with tough situations right now. Healthy approaches be damned.
6. I didn't grow up to be like other adults. I never learned to drive, I don't speak any other languages, I didn't get married, I don't have a regular job and I don't know the first thing about doing my own taxes. Further to that, I think meals are kind of stupid and would rather just snack all day and drink juice boxes. I don't sleep regularly. I make big messy paintings for friends and family members, call it art and insist that they display it. I hate beer and red wine. I'm addicted to m & m's and I think gum is best enjoyed with several pieces forming a giant wad. I could go on, but I'm 25 and I have learned a little about when to stop...
7. Instead of doing the job search dance every day, sometimes I abandon it altogether in favor of youtube watching and adventures-and-beaches planning.
8. I don't do the dishes right after I eat. And the only way I know it's laundry time is when I'm out of workout gear. Sometimes the sheets and towels get neglected in favor of said gear.
9. If there was a limit on internet usage, I would definitely be over it.
10. Six weeks between hair cut & color updates? HA. It's been more than six months. Regular mani/pedi? On what nails? Shaving every two days? Try every two weeks, maybe.

I actually really like rules. Maybe it's just so I can break them.

Pre 10k. Loving the ponytail hole a LOT.


  1. You don't drive either! :D I feel very less alone now :)

    and yes on pretty much everything else as well.

  2. I'm pretty much going to have to steal this.