Friday, March 18, 2011

Fave things Friday.

Once again, I am so lucky as to be having a fabulous Friday for the second week! Right now, Friday is my day. It makes a nice kind of sense, considering I was born on a Friday. Happyhappyhappy.

So it seems appropriate that I share with you some of my favorite things. Some from today. Some just in general. If I was in charge, I would make these things rules for everyday, because unlike the ones from yesterday's post, I would never break a set of rules involving my favorite things!

1. Second Starbucks days. Yes, I did indeed have one of those today! So lucky. I may even have another one tomorrow! As if you didn't know Starbucks would make it into this list somehow.

2. Running with rad peeps. I had a running date today. I picked the route, too - one of my favorite loops that overlooks the university and passes through a big field. And running is simply another daily life essential.

3. Spring weather. Grass! Buds on trees! Puddles! Temperatures above 0! Sunshine!

4. Seeing old friends. That's on the docket for tomorrow, and one of my favorite things about last weekend too!

5. Tony. I did p90x yoga today because I missed him so much. It's only been two weeks! I am seriously considering starting round 2 sooner rather than later...

6. Gardein. Delicious fake meat. Mmmm protein & veggies. I would like these guys to sponsor me so I can eat oodles of their yummy and quick dishes.

7. Planning things. And the people who help with that. Korean summer school before Bali surfing school 2012? Yes please!

8. Potential. I have an interview Monday and last night I applied to three things that were actually not just okay, but really exciting to me. Also see points 7, 4, 3, 2 and 1.

9. Reading. I have definitely come around to Vanity Fair. At first, I wasn't loving it. Now I chalk it up to just a slow start. I'm really enjoying the wit of the writer and all of the insights into human life that are still very much applicable to today. The classics = the bomb.

10. Awesome messages from you. These come in all kinds of forms. Calls and emails and even job postings from my #1 fan, news and cute animal pics from my comrade in arms, sister emails, tweets from new tweeps, your comments. So thanks :)

In other news, there have been some interesting things going on on the route of my next marathon. I heard about a hole in the Pacific coast highway earlier this week, and today the BSIM race director sent out a sad email. Most importantly, nobody was hurt. But basically, because of the damage to the road, the race is going to be some sort of a loop. They haven't released the details of the course change yet. I am putting my heartbreak about not conquering Hurricane Point and dancing across Bixby Bridge on hold. That's because I believe they have enough time in the upcoming weeks to fix it. This is not entirely selfish, because it's also about tourism, right? They've got 5 weeks. Isn't that lots of time? That's my plan A for them. If that fails, my plan B is that we all just run around the hole in the road. That's only impossible on one side of the road. Surely where there's a will, there's a way? My will, having purchased tickets and hotel and the privilege of doing this for the charity Just Run, is really strong. I believe there are a couple of thousand other runners who might feel the same way.

This is me on the California coast in 2006. I will return!!

Have a happy weekend friends!!

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