Sunday, March 20, 2011


That's an acronym, by the way. WOW = Weekend O' Win.

I have seriously had one of the best weekends of 2011, and in my recent and remembered life.

Where do I even start? I would make a list, but I'm not sure what to put first, so I'll try to explain in no particular order.

Today I ran 26k in the sun, smiling and pain-free. Yesterday I got a full-time job offer. Today I made a running friend who shared her shot blocks with me. Yesterday I saw two of my fave ladies in Toronto. I've made some amazing new music discoveries this weekend. I met some cool people and saw some cool places. I had two second Starbucks days in a row. I have the new Jodi Picoult (it was a 'momentum gift'!) I am HAPPY. What a wonderful feeling. I can hardly believe my good fortune. :)

My happy face in another happy place.

I'm making some tricky decisions in the next couple of days, but powered by happy, I know they'll be the right ones.


  1. This post made me smile :) Hope your good fortune continues :D

  2. Sounds like your weekend went great! Awesome about the 26K run! Sounds like Big Sur marathon training is going well!