Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Questions - one for you, a few for me too

First of all, I really need your advice!

My hydra-belt is abusing me.

See? Ouch!!

Does this ever happen to you? If so, have you figured out how to fix it? I bought my hydra-belt when I started training for a marathon last summer. It looks like this:

It's great in theory, because I have recently realized just how much of a difference drinking while I run improves my post-training recovery. However, I swear my belt hates me. It actually scarred my back last year, and when I wore it out for the first time this year on Sunday, it literally tore a strip off me.

I was especially surprised about this because I was wearing 3 layers of technical gear underneath the belt, which I (wrongly) assumed would protect my skin.

I would really appreciate any input you have, so me and my hydra-belt can work on improving our relationship!

How to avoid bleeding during my long runs is only one of the questions I am dealing with this week. I am also still wondering what to do with my life. Another job interview down yesterday. One call I made yesterday morning answered some of my questions...and created others. The calls I've been making today have not led me to any answers...not yet. I've listened to advice from the opposing camps of beggars can't be choosers and all those in favor of taking a leap of faith. There isn't too much time to lose, but I'm taking my time making this decision. After all, I've recently had a few lessons in the art of making the wrong decision, so I want to make sure my next big move really enhances my life. Admittedly, it's pretty hard because I'm so impatient for change.

However, my awesome weekend made it easy to start this week on a high note, despite all the unanswered questions on my mind. Rest day - check. Delicious, fancy dijon chk'n fake meat - check. Plants vs. Zombies fun - check.

I hope your week is also off to a fab start! :)


  1. I am skipping the hydration belt and going for a Camelbak! That way you don't have to fumble with the bottles while running and from what I have heard it is easier on the skin!

  2. all I can think of is that your belt is somehow chafing your skin, have you tried putting body glide on the areas that seem to hurt? It might help, because it seems like the belt is rubbing your skin. Or is your belt too tight maybe when you run? It should bounce around a little bit, otherwise I can't breathe, haha
    I wear the amphipod trail endurance belt and like it:

    But I don't think you need to buy a new belt, just modify how you wear it right now =)

  3. try just ditching the hydration belt altogether. I know that idea strikes fear into some people, because they've been taught that they need them, and when you always use them, you do need them. Try to slowly ween yourself off of it. Hydrate yourself well before long runs and rehydrate after and you should be fine. Anything under an hour and it is completely unnecessary. Almost all races have water stations too.
    I rarely see top runners using them. Mainly for weekend warriors, just my opinion.

  4. That's crazy that you are being assulted by your hydra belt! I use one from the Running Room and although it puts runs in some of my shirts I've never had any problems.

    Solutions? Body Glide, new hydra belt, or in-hand water bottle?

    Personally if I'm running 10km+ I need some water or I start to get woosy. I'm a slow runner though so I'm out there a LOT longer.