Monday, April 4, 2011

How Ch1n@ got revenge.

Greetings folks from the land of limited and very difficult internet access.

I'm still in Canada. Right here in Ontario.

But my email? Well, it's being rerouted through China.

I first noticed that something was off when I got home from work (more on that later) on Saturday evening. I couldn't get my mac inbox to load any new messages, and it kept telling me my password was wrong, which I didn't think was possible. So I tried to sign in online. When that didn't work, I got gmail to send a message to my phone, so I could get in and change all my settings. I promptly did that, read my mail, and while I was a little shocked and angry, I was over it in about 10 minutes.

Then it happened again. Twice on Sunday, I couldn't access my email. Then I couldn't access my bank account. I have it all sorted out now, but it took some investigative work and blocking out some remote access points that were based out of, you guessed it, China.

It would appear that China is not done with me after all.

What's hilarious is that I barely even got internet access there. There was only a very brief window during which I was actually able to get on the internet during my 72 hour stay there.

So I apologize if you received any sort of sketchy messages from me this weekend. Apparently the blog also went down for a short time, but it seems to be all good now.


In other news, yesterday saw me running (yes, RUNNING, against PT instructions, it's true) through a thunder snowstorm following a fundraising meeting. My Team D fundraising friend thinks I actually am cursed, because the last meeting we had to plan a fundraising event was also followed by a freak snowstorm. I hedged my bets this time, and once I saw the first fat flakes falling, I opted for running through it rather than getting stuck on a city bus smelling of vomit. This actually was sort of exhilarating. Except that I was wearing my glasses, which quickly became a wet opaque mess of ice and snow and non-vision correction. And I wasn't wearing running clothes. My pretend waterproof jacket (that I still adore) was soaked through, and I was wearing khakis that quickly became invisible pants. Thank goodness the snow was so think I don't think the cars could see my underpants.

Okay, okay. Enough recounting of the comedy of errors aka my life ;) Excitingly, I worked my first shift at Chapters on Saturday! It was all orientation, so mainly just signing forms and learning about the company. However, I was beyond thrilled to learn about the special discounts I receive as an employee. I  had anxiety about spending my paycheques at the in-house Starbucks and on picking up some irresistible   bestsellers, but the discounts will definitely help with that!

In training news, I kicked off round two of p90x on Friday. While I can't run, I'm going to concentrate more on building muscle and hitting the pool, and of course biking too. So far so good - my entire body continues to be sore.

That's about all for now. Make sure you get a great start to your week today!!

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  1. Thats awesome that you found a job! Although I could see how working at a bookstore would possibly make a negative impact on your wallet...