Friday, April 8, 2011

OMG Spring

I think we're emerging now, finally, from the winter of my discontent. And from actual winter, the longest, coldest and most difficult of seasons.

The sun is shining. I spy a little green grass growing. No flowers yet, but some bouquets to the great people in my life for providing little bits of happy when it's been most needed this week: Mom, Katie S., Emtastic, Curtis and Team Diabetes/Awesome.

Since running is currently on the prohibited list, I've been taking advantage of the awesome spring weather by standing on the balcony and opening the door to the balcony. This is especially awesome when combined with a workout. Try this recipe: start with a huge helping of endorphins (can be acquired through a one hour bike ride or fifty minute p90x session or both if you choose) and top off with one cup of chocolate milk. Allow to bake in the sun for 15 minutes. Result: smiles.

I've been a lactard for a significant part of my adult life. However, in recent years it's bothered me less and less, so I decided to test out the whole 'chocolate milk is the bomb post-workout' theory. I'm pretty convinced about it, I must say. Anytime chocolate can be consumed in the name of health is a big win for me.

What else is new? Well, I have a new life plan. I'm not going to go into all the details yet, but having a plan of action always serves to make me a happier and more productive person. Right now I'm trying to convince the bookstore to give me as many hours as possible for this summer. I worked another shift last night and continue to love it. Talking to people about books, playing with kids and grabbing a (discounted) Starbucks on my breaks? Heck yes. I can't believe they want to pay me for it, actually. Of course, every workplace has it's challenges and/or drama, but thanks to my awesome trainer, I've been totally free of all that so far. I'm also re-inspired to work on some upcoming fundraisers with my awesome Team D friends, so that's something else that's on the go.

Also on the go - plans for swim training. I have not been doing nearly enough of that for the past two months. And I really need to get on it, because my first tri of the season is on June 11. That seems like ages away right now, but in training days, it's practically next week. And as you may or may not know, swimming is my weak spot. (It just occurred to me that was kind of an optimistic thing to write, considering I've just been told not to run for a month and my bike hails from the time of dinosaurs.) I can swim one lap across the pool pretty fast. I have a wetsuit for this year. I can swim many laps across the pool....with breaks. I lack endurance in the water in a big, bad way. Did I tell you about the time I did a triathlon with the backstroke? Same tri, last year. I feel like I am not breathing in the water, despite the fact that I do breathe every third stroke. It will take a miracle lots of hours of practice in the pool to feel comfortable in the water.

Also, let's discuss Vibrams. I have been seriously thinking of getting some. I may take the plunge tomorrow, in fact. My friend Jess just got a pair and has been extolling their virtues to me all week. I've also been reading some of your blogs and seeing them pop up everywhere. Are they the best thing since Garmin? Since Gatorade? Since some dude ran a long distance in Greece and started one of the glorious races we run and aspire to run? Seriously, I'd love to know your thoughts on them. Do you know anyone who has recovered from an injury training with Vibrams, or just learned to run faster, stronger and happier using them?

Because here's the thing: I WILL be running Big Sur. And then in July, I WILL be running my first ultra. I've about had it with these mandatory running breaks, and if there is something out there that will help, I am all about it.


  1. yes, we had sun today too! It was wonderful! I love your positive outlook! thanks for the comment today! So glad it was something you needed to hear and I agree...comfort is a big one! Thanks.

  2. The husband has a pair of vibram five fingers and loves them. He has major shin splints and they really helped alleviate them...didn't cure them but he was able to walk mostly pain free for longer distances and that was huge. So with those and some major massage therapy he's a new man.

  3. Good luck with the Vibrams! I would definitely read about them a lot before starting to use them, I think the main thing was to go really slow in terms of how many miles you use them at a time until your feet get used to them.

    This is a blog I follow that talks about barefoot running a lot: