Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some ABCs

A while ago, I saw an ABC quiz post going around on some of my favorite blogs. So today I thought I'd do my own version for a fun change of pace and some updates! No pictures of my sickly self today, just pretty colors instead.  And it's a little bit of a link farm, but I hope you enjoy it!

A: is for animals, specifically the ones on this website that makes my day everyday!! Cuteness overload!
B: is for books and for borrowing them! I LOVE that my new job lets me do this. It is truly a spectacular perk and one that I plan on getting the most out of. B is also for Born to Run, which is of course, the first book I took out. Thanks for the recommendation Jess, I am loving it!!
C: is for Clif! Because I am hoping to be following their lead to the finish line of BSIM next weekend. And because the grocery store just started carrying my favorite flavor bars in six packs. Awesome! C is also for California adventures, which I so excited for!
D: Decisions. I've been facing some hard ones lately - like whether to switch distances for BSIM due to the ITB that I've added to my PFS and the resulting lack of training this month. Whether or not to hold off on buying a new bike and when to pursue other job options.
E: Eggs. What I'm going to make for lunch today. Because they're eggcellent :) Also for Earth Day! I'm celebrating. Are you?
F: Foam roller. I finally busted out and bought one! Pics of me attempting to use it to follow!
G: Gardein protein. I know I've raved about this before. But their little lunch trios are absolutely the bomb. I've been living on them all week.
H: Home! I am hoping to go for a visit soon. I'm thinking about my fab family on this holiday weekend!
I: Ice baths. These are a fear of mine, because I'm bad at being cold. But apparently they are so fabulous I need to stop avoiding them.
J: June. The month with three very exciting happenings planned: a team D dinner on the patio of a gorgeous winery, my first sprint triathlon with my lovely lady Em and my departure for....
K: Korea! I have accepted a teaching position there. I'm truly thrilled about it. I have been speaking to one of the teachers at the school who is just a terrific individual who I am so excited to meet in person. I've done a ton of research. I just know it's going to be a totally different and unbelievable experience. This one feels right.
L: All you need is love. Hopeless romantic? Maybe. But here I actually mean that you need to love yourself for anything else to be possible. L could also be for letting go. Being zen. Because when you loosen your iron grip, great things might fall into your open palm.
M: Media. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with social media sometimes. I love the limitless abilities for connection and for learning. But I dislike how it's not always used for the best and most constructive purposes.
N: Naps. I had two on Tuesday. And one is definitely in the works for today :)
O: Orange juice. I am throwing down Tropicana like it's going be removed from store shelves next week. I swear I've already had several gallons just today. Why? It's delicious, and I remain sadly stricken with sick. It's just a cold, but it has made me want to laze in bed all day with my mug of oj.
P: Playtime. I've been having a lot of it with the kids who come into the bookstore. Yesterday involved some story-time and dress-up.
Q: Quote of the day: Recognize and appreciate what you are capable of. Why NOT you? From @SmashFit on Twitter. Thanks!
R: Running. I am going to do some this weekend and I'm excited!
S: Seoul Flyers. Seoul Synergy Tri. Who knew there were such amazing clubs in the city? I thought I was excited before!!
T: Tatyanna. I'm thinking about this awesome wee girl as she undergoes treatment in China. Check out her mom Janelle's great 365 photo blog of their journey here.
U: Umbrellas. I really don't like them. I feel like they never work the way you want them to, perhaps because I have yet to encounter a rainstorm that doesn't also involve wind. So I've been getting a little damp in the rains (and snow!) of the past week, but I don't mind. Beats fighting with an unusable umbrella ;)
V: Vibrams. I really need some. I'm sold. Check out this incredible post from the fabulous P at The Adventures of an Average Athlete about her experiences in VFFs. They helped her keep running in her life. I'm hoping they can do the same for me and keep my knee on!
W: Wisdom tooth. I am growing one. Knowledge is painful, apparently.
X: ....I don't currently have any awesome 'X' items. I'm stumped!
Y: Yogurt. Also on my list for eating today, because I have some delicious peach stuff that is set to expire on the weekend and I plan to consume it to make sure it isn't wasted.
Z: Zuzana! Visit her website for fitness tips, tricks and videos...or just to stare at her abs for a while. Thanks to the lovely Katie at Run for the Bikini for introducing me to my new fitness superhero. Also for Zen Buddhist readings.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fab Thursday!!

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  1. Ohh catching up after vacay, thanks for the shout and yaayyy for Zuzana and bodyrocking, it really does rock :D And my Abs my look nothing like hers (yet), but I have noticed some major improvements!!