Friday, April 15, 2011


It has been busy, to say the least. But it's a welcome adjustment to my daily life.

I managed to pick up four shifts this week although I was only scheduled to work one, and it's been great! However, it's meant that I've fallen behind on blogs in general. Reading yours, and clearly writing mine too. But I am really enjoying the bookstore, and am hoping to be as lucky in scavenging shifts next week too!

Sleepy but smiling after my first full day shift.

In running news, I am hoping to hit the roads with the RR crew on Sunday for a third or half of their long run. Their fearless leader provided me some invaluable guidance over lunch earlier this week and helped ease some of my fears about running a marathon (in 2 weeks!) after my unbelievably painful last race and taking (more) time off. I'm nervous, even about a 12k.  But I'll let you know how it goes.

In triathlon news.... I really need a mentor. Any volunteers? I'd pay you in Starbucks and hugs and good vibes! I'm planning to use my first work money to sign up for my first race of the season - the return to Woodstock - that I will be doing with my girl Em! I'm really excited about it, but I'm nervous about getting my bike back on the road, knowing how much work it needs done on it. Maybe what I need is a DIY bike mechanic book. But then I'd need tools, and those are very foreign objects in my hands!

I'm hoping to catch up on all your blogs this weekend :) And I'm also considering changing the format/content/direction of my own. I'm not feeling it lately, so I'm thinking up some ideas to give it some spice. Have a great one!!

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